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Professional Telematics Systems for Your Company

Until now GPS vehicle tracking was only affordable for large corporations. Sophisticated technology and high start-up costs impeded the use of GPS vehicle tracking systems for small and medium-sized enterprises. 

We at routecontrol have eliminated such hurdles and now offer the medium-sized companies as well as the smaller and smallest of companies the possibility to track all their assets quickly and safely using GPS. GPS tracking also makes it possible to keep and record a seamless electronic logbook including all routes and stops your vehicle has made. 
Our tracking portal provides access to digital maps, satellite images, route reports and to the logbooks of your entire fleet. And because you can see exactly when and for how long your vehicles were moving or standing still, you can actively reduce your service and down time. The ability to manage your assets through vehicle tracking means an improved customer service, the avoidance of unnecessary employee overtime and a drop in costs for your vehicles across the board. 

Because you can remotely access and manage your routecontrolled assets from any computer, you not only have the ability to track your vehicles, you can actively steer them as well. Let's say you've got a customer waiting for an important delivery. Now, you can see right away which of your vehicles is in the area and have it take the order

Deploy resources more efficiently and carefully

You want ...

  • reduce unnecessary downtime?
  • an effective fleet management?
  • working and travel time discount?
  • an effective theft protection?
  • a dynamic tour planning?

Then you are right at routecontrol.

routecontrol offers to you... 

  • shorter downtimes
  • better cost transparency
  • higher effectiveness
  • lower wear costs
  • lower fuel costs
  • lower communication costs
  • improved customer statisfaction
  • theft protection with alarm
  • extensive reports
  • and much more

Our solution is so diverse that it is suitable for almost any application.

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